In July 2021, a 27-year old woman, Noor Mukadam, was violently murdered. Noor grew up in South County Dublin as her father established the Pakistani Embassy in Ireland. Noor loved Ireland and could never have imagined that her murder would make global headlines, not only in Ireland but also in her native Pakistan where it became a huge news story. And the reason it became a huge news story is because those who loved Noor began a fight for justice. Noor was part of elite Pakistani society. And she was killed because she turned down a marriage proposal from a son of one of the wealthiest families in Pakistan. (2022) Narrated and Produced by Nicoleen Greer. Reporting by Hannah McCarthy and Hamza Azhar Salam. Additional recordings by Tim Desmond and Saxon Baird. Sound by Peadar Carney.

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