Reg Byrne grew up in Monkstown Farm, Dublin in the 1970s and was born with spina bifida, affecting his legs. Which makes what Reg Byrne is doing now all the more remarkable. His early family life was difficult. By the age of 8, he was sniffing glue and by 9, he was in a drug rehabilitation programme. He left school early – but then encountered a local man who changed his path in life. Today, Reg is a first class boxing coach in demand. He travels the world, but never forgets his roots. Reg runs a boxing club including a class which specialises for children with autism and disability - a place where Reg aims to give back some of what he has learned in life. (2022) Narrator: Megan Byrne. Producer: Donal O’Herlihy. Mix engineer: Peadar Kearney.

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