An Unholy Trinity

A Civil War Story. Exactly 100 years ago, in February 1923, a baby girl is abandoned on a doorstep in Dublin. A priest and his housekeeper seen acting suspiciously are handed over to the police. One month later, a young doctor is murdered, shot dead on the streets of a small town in county Leitrim. Are the two incidents connected? Was there a conspiracy of Church, State and Irish Rebel forces determined to cover up a scandal? A murder case was investigated by the authorities at the time, but has remained unsolved, until now... Narrated and produced by Tim Desmond with additional research by Ken Boyle.

The documentary (first broadcast in 2017) is now a best selling book - The Murder of Doctor Muldoon - by Ken Boyle and Tim Desmond. Published by Mercier press and available to purchase at this link:

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