Chapter 5 :: Birdbath

Journey once more with CHAIR, Vimak, Jamalla and Jen’Ifer on their questionable travels for riches, renown and… other stuff. After their confrontation with the Maze of Mischief, the band of miscreants finds that their favorite Tiefling has gone off, leaving only a letter. So they plot their quest in the direction of Jen’Ifer and leave the town of Port O’Jon. This episode finds our mismatched trio wandering the countryside of Doritodonia...

This episode marks the dawn of a new era of Dungeons & Doritos – with our new Game Master, Ruel and a new mode of play – Sagas RPG. It’s a fast, fun, and flexible form of table top perfect for our style of play and amazing for smoothly playing with chaos and creativity. If you haven’t heard it yet, check out the episode of Nerdy Show, “Cosmic Things“ where we interviewed Ruel and talk about what makes Sagas different and how we’re going to integrate it into DnD. It’s important to note that this isn’t the first official game of us playing Sagas. Before we made the commitment to dive into a whole new system and join up with a new GM we had to give ‘em a test drive. This was our test run of Sagas, based on loose renderings of our character sheets, not the final versions that are coming soon. We weren’t planning on releasing this recording as an episode, but we liked it so much we had to! This is a harrowing adventure and these events are sure to come back to haunt the D&D crew. 

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