Regrouped and Poised to Return!

Nerdy Show’s epic RPG audio drama, Dungeons & Doritos has long been dormant. The series was side-swiped by an unscheduled hiatus in 2017, a Q&A was released in 2019 with the promise of a return... and now, at long last, the silence is broken!

Cat, Lefty, Colin, and Ruel have once again gathered to game, and on the eve of this momentous event recorded this notice to celebrate the occasion. They've forced Galdap out of retirement, their dice are polished, Doritos have been supped upon, and as of this publishing, we have all new adventures recorded! However, when these sessions will see public release as fully-produced RPG audio dramas is another thing entirely!

New episodes will arrive as soon as possible on an erratic schedule left entirely to the whims of this upside down world, but the important part is: they will come. If you're interested in listening to our RPGs without the audio drama? Raw episodes of Dungeons & Doritos are coming to our Patreon, again, on an erratic schedule, but much faster than fully-produced, finished episodes.

What have our party been up to in their Midgardian lives? Catch up with our crew and discover all the exciting projects they're a part of and the RPG adventures they've been on outside of Dortitodonia in this special episode!

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