Chapter 3 :: Trial on the Isle of Mages

Emotional turmoil on the high seas! The vile Tiefling Jen’Ifer has vanished, sending the lovelorn Jamela into a frenzy of woe. Barty has been burned, both literally and figuratively by members of the group, Chair is in a seasick stupor, the mysterious Robert is dubious of his strange companions, Vimak and Lefty, pirate-Queen of Corney Island are caught in the middle – and that’s not even the half of it! The adventurers find themselves on The Isle of Mages, a city of silver towers, teeming with luxury and magicks. How will the rugged travelers fair in posh surroundings, where their every need is tended to? What’s more, how will they be judged by the most powerful magic-users in all of Doritodonia, and will Jen’Ifer be returned? 

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