Chapter 9 :: The Medallion Of Mists

My, how time flies when you’ve overstayed your welcome! 

Our accidental heroes have spent their night in Cool Ranch, and that night became another night, and that night became a fortnight! There’s something strange in their neighborhood and it certainly doesn’t look good. The poor town is being terrorized by Chair’s love and Jamela’s lust. Cool Ranch’s can bear the torment no longer there is only one solution: Eviction! 

It just so happens that Jen’Ifer knows a magic user who might have a solution to all their problems. And so the band sets out on the road once more. It is a winding, menacing road, with a foul stench upon it, covered with a darkness that twists your insides. Unease sets in as a pervasive mist surrounds the travelers… an eerie mist, that brings the spirits of the dead with it. It’s something weird and it don’t look good. Will this mist be our heroes demise? Who are they going to call? How frequently can we reference Ghostbusters in this podcast? Dare you listen? Are you, or aren’t you afraid of no g-g-g-ghost? 


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