Saul Williams - Distraction Pieces Podcast with Scroobius Pip #84

Welcome, welcome, welcome to all of you over at Team 3W! Please enjoy episode 84 of the powerful, the almighty Distraction Pieces Podcast with this week's guest, Saul Williams!Heavyweight verbal artillery is locked and loaded as Pip goes head to head with Saul and covers more ground than the run-time allows, venturing topics including his massive and awesome new multi-media project 'Martyr Loser King' (and his body of work as a whole), the wide and scary world of technology and where the developments lead and leave us, anthropology and society as a whole from micro to macro, police violence in the US over the last couple of years and much further back, and - oh goddamn, just play the bloody thing. It's a brilliant one. You better call Saul.

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