Marcus Brigstocke - Distraction Pieces Podcast with Scroobius Pip #112

WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME one and all to your weekly (and sometimes more) delivery of the Distraction Pieces Podcast hosted as always by Scroobius Pip! And this week it's another comedic banger as he is joined by Marcus Brigstocke!

A wonderful chat from start to end as Pip gets impossibly deep into the Marcus Brigstocke archives, combing through his incredibly heavy childhood and teen years, his comedic origins/roots/outlook and influence and all that entails (with a healthy amount of Fringe talk), his jazz interests with some good Miles Davis talk, his political leanings and a fascinating, emotional ride all the way through in which everything ties together perfectly. Superb.

* 'The Wire' spoilers at around the 1h16s mark, just so you know.

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