James Acaster - Distraction Pieces Podcast with Scroobius Pip #104

Welcome, welcome, and as standard here is your third welcome, to the humbly magnificent Distraction Pieces Podcast! Episode 104 would you believe... Goddamn... Prepare yourselves for another heavy hitting good'un as Pip is joined by none other than UK comedy titan and overlord James Acaster!

Are 'titan' and 'overlord' too strong to throw around like that? Nah. The man with the strong 'A' at the start of his surname (and partial sharer of the name of the platform you might be listening upon right now) is in the DPP studios to bring forth pure goodness on your ears, sharing his take on all things comedy (UK and otherwise), his modest entry into the comedy scene and how he went from awesomely named band to awesomely named band until he broke good into comedy, his Edinburgh Fringe experiences (from bad to very very good), and way deeper into his ongoing comedy hours and the themes, dreams and schemes therein. Too much science and wisdom to be synopsised in this description - just dive on in and live it won't...

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