Goldie - Distraction Pieces Podcast with Scroobius Pip #156

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome to YOU - and three times welcomed you are to the Distraction Pieces Podcast with Scroobius Pip, episode 156 at that! A proper filfy drum n' bass banger right here this week too as Pip is joined FINALLY after a long bout of scheduling and planning by the one and only, the Metalhead himself, the UK's national drum & bass treasure - Goldie!"The barbarians from within will raise their heads and rise the deities..." ...and that's one single quote from this absolutely ram packed and intense juggernaught rollercoaster of an episode, as Pip white-knuckles the railing and hold on for dear life as the whirlwind rolls through town and demolishes all in its path! The whirlwind being Goldie, that is. I'm sure you gathered that. Finding his home out in Phuket these days, the path has been rocky, full on, winding and incredible and Goldie has lived through it all - the raves, the graf days out in the Bronx, early days of techno, being a household name in what they used to call 'intelligent drum & bass' with his smash hit 'Inner City Life', a rugged divorce, heavy personal life events including the passing of his mother, and every single second underpinned by his unending appetite for his craft and music making. A fantastic and thrilling ride of an episode, which will make you want to dig out the back catalogue and reminisce over the past while waiting for his new album 'The Journey Man' to download... As Goldie put it himself; "There are no full stops in my life... At all..."Oh and wait for the American and German accents later on. Blimey.••••• GOLDIE on TWITTER! –••••• GOLDIE on INSTAGRAM! -••••• 'The Journey Man' by Goldie -•••••••••• SCROOBIUS PIP on TWITTER! -•••••••••• SCROOBIUS PIP on INSTAGRAM! -•••••••••• SPEECH DEVELOPMENT RECORDS –•••••••••• FOLLOW AND ENJOY!!!

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