Ubisoft Goes Forward and Call of Duty Goes Backward

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The Ubisoft event that took place this week. Gamers got to see some new updates and new games, plus AMD final has release dates to show off their new CPUs and GPUs, and 3080 looks to bring the performance and why Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is just meh.

Show Notes

●      [00:57] Overwatch has a new patch for Roadhog                 

●      [04:07] Ubisoft Uforward event                    

●      [04:20] Watchdogs: Legion update               

●      [05:53] Ghost Recon: Breakpoint gets a new DLC next week           

●      [08:03] Prince of Persia is getting a remake

●      [09:44] Immortals: Fenix Rising looks interesting

●      [10:31] Assassin’s Creed launch date has been moved up

●      [11:14] Sam Fisher comes to Rainbow Six Siege

●      [12:07] Xbox Game Pass gets EA Play?

●      [14:39] No, Motley Fool you’re wrong about AMD

●      [16:09] AMD will announce new CPUs and GPUs next month

●      [18:54] Leaked benchmarks make 3080 look good

●      [20:44] Why I’m no impressed with Call of Duty: Black Ops

People, Games, and Companies, We Mentioned in the Show

●      Ubisoft

●      Xbox

●      AMD

●      Nvidia

●      EA

●      Assassin’s Creed

●      Immortals: Fenix Rising

●      Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

●      Rainbow Six Siege

●      Prince of Persia

●      Watchdogs: Legion

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Episode Length: 24:16

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