Epic's Masterplan for Digital Distribution

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I watched and read a lot about the Epic and Apple lawsuit. I thought about it, and, figured out that what most people are missing is if Epic wins, there are larger ramifications to the industry. I will discuss this and more on this episode of Digital Coffee!

Show Notes

●      Gamescon updates                

●      Steamlabs Experiment           

●      New Retro FPS Game             

●      L4D2 Update  

●      Halo Infinite News

●      DC Fandom Game News

●      Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War News

●      Star Wars Battlefront 2 News

●      Guild Wars 2 News

●      Warframe new expansion

●      Outriders final class

●      What is Gamelancer

●      NZXT Introduces a Starter PC Series

●      Logitech unveils colorful mice and headsets

●      Windows 95 is 25

●      New Tool for Ryzen Chips

●      Nivdia new GPUs are a nightmare to upgrade your PC

●      Lian Li’s new fans are awesome

●      Unity files for an IPO

●      Corsair files for an IPO

●      Twitch stats

●      Why Epic’s Lawsuit is far worse for the industry

People, Games, and Companies, We Mentioned in the Show

●      Epic

●      Apple

●      Call of Duty

●      Steam

●      Gotham Knights

●      Suicide Squad

●      Everspace 2

●      Guild Wars 2

●      Logitech

●      Corsair

●      Unity

●      Windows 95

●      Ryzen

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Episode Length: 32:15

Thanks so much for tuning in. Join us again next week for another episode!

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