Gaming Delays, Updates and the Epic Lawsuit Saga

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Epic is not the little guy. They are a big company wanting more money. That’s what the lawsuit is about. Even though they try to make it seem like they care about the indie developers, they don’t. Given a chance, they would use the same tactics Apple uses, and they do.

Show Notes

●      [01:22] National Video Games Museum is opening back up!                       

●      [02:04] AMD Mantle open sourced    

●      [04:17] PUBG gets an update           

●      [05:18] Prince of Persia remake?      

●      [06:10] Sea of Thieves content pushed to September

●      [07:08] Call of Duty Warzone gets an update

●      [08:22] Destiny 2 updates to fix Solstice of Heroes

●      [09:11] Twitch Prime has Destiny 2 exotics

●      [09:45] TSMC hits a new milestone

●      [11:18] AMD new driver updates is here

●      [12:15] Nvidia celebrates a new milestone

●      [13:33] Horizon Zero Dawn gets an update to fix crashes

●      [14:29] Overwatch new meta sucks for tanks

●      [19:06] Baldur’s Gate 3 early access

●      [20:53] Turn your Chromebook into a powerful gaming pc

●      [22:14] 505 Games tries to explain why they are charging for an upgrade

●      [24:45] Hitman 3 exclusive on the Epic Game Store

●      [26:45] Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War unveiling soon

●      [27:37] Facebook makes Oculus users sign in with Facebook

●      [30:04] Vermintide 2 gets a huge rework

●      [31:32] Deathloop is delayed

●      [31:42] Halo 3 ODST in beta

●      [32:25] Halo 5 Forge user remakes Halo Infinite demo

●      [32:56] Pixel Art Creation coming to Steam

●      [33:18] More info on ground experience in Elite Dangerous

●      [34:13] Avermedia launches a dual HDMI capture card

●      [36:17]Epic is not your savior

People, Games, and Companies, We Mentioned in the Show

●      Prince of Persia

●      Intel

●      AMD

●      Halo

●      Nvidia

●      Vermintide 2

●      Oculus Rift

●      505 Games

●      Epic

●      Apple

●      Baldur’s Gate 3

●      Destiny 2

●      Sea of Thieves

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Episode Length: 43:44

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