Episode 127: The midsummer magic of a DWG Member Meeting

As the long summer days transition to autumn, catch up on the midsummer magic of DWG’s most recent Member Meeting and Technology Lab. 

In this latest episode of Digital Workplace Impact, host and DWG Chief Executive, Nancy Goebel, reconnects with Ed Taylor, DWG’s Chief Growth Officer, and author and consultant, Nicole Carter, Co-Head of DWG’s Technology Provider Programme. 


In a conversation much like a highlights reel, the trio brings you powerful insights from this recent London event. And, just as “the course of true love never did run smooth”, they also discuss the most pressing challenges facing today’s digital workplace practitioners along with some of the opportunities these present.  

Member Meetings have closed doors, but Nancy, Ed and Nicole have the key. So, for more on shared ambitions for the future, trending topics and the power of the special connections created at DWG member events, listen now. 

(Show notes, links and transcript for this episode.) 

Guest speakers:  

Ed Taylor, Chief Growth Officer 

Nicole Carter, Co-Head of DWG’s Technology Provider Programme, author and consultant 

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