Episode 126: The importance of building Unilever's culture in a hybrid world

Can technology empower and amplify the impact that humans can produce in the hybrid workplace? 


Since pre-pandemic times, global giant Unilever has made the best of technology solutions to create a culture centred in collaboration, creativity and connection. 


In this Digital Workplace Impact podcast, host Nancy Goebel is joined by Alessandro Ventura, Global Vice-President Technology Transformation at Unilever. They discuss his passions, priorities and focus on delivering business impact by bringing out humanity and happiness in the hybrid workplace. 


This engaging conversation takes place just as Alessandro’s appointment to his current role was announced. He shares his insights and reflections on his career to date, along with advice for others on how to be an empathetic and people-focused leader at work. 


For some fascinating insights and a glimpse into Alessandro’s forward-thinking approach to hybrid working, take a listen today. 


(Show notes, links and transcript for this episode.) 


Alessandro Ventura, Global Vice-President Technology Transformation at Unilever

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