Episode 125: Expert takeaways from DWG's spring Member Meeting

Spring 2023 saw DWG’s in-person member event take place at The Coca-Cola Company’s headquarters in Atlanta. Members often talk about DWG’s meetings as a barometer for the digital workplace industry: a chance to temperature-check change and share and capture new ideas. 

In this Digital Workplace Impact podcast, Edward Taylor, DWG’s Chief Growth Officer, and Angela Huffman Edwards, Co-Head of DWG’s Technology Provider Programme, chat with host Nancy Goebel about the most prominent themes of the meeting. 


At such member events, DWG facilitates assembled practitioners to uncover the latest challenges and best practices. Atlanta’s agenda also included a DWG Technology Lab, where technology providers share new solutions and ideas in comfortable conversations. 


Hot topics from the two days included channel fatigue post-COVID, personalization of complex services, the desire to connect disparate technologies, and more. It was also clear that today’s digital practitioners are in a period of active experimentation, while still balancing the needs of existing digital headquarters. 


To find out more about this energizing meeting and how you can get involved in the future, listen to Nancy, Ed and Angie covering takeaways, trends and the timeline for upcoming DWG events. 

Guest speakers:  

Edward Taylor, Chief Growth Officer at DWG 

Angela Huffman Edwards, Co-Head, DWG Technology Provider Programme 

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