Episode 124: Digital leadership that really ‘packs a Punch’

Christy Punch is a unique voice and recognized expert within the digital workplace industry. This year she reprises her role as a judge for DWG’s Digital Workplace of the Year Award.


Christy, Senior Product Mgr. Engineering Experience, at Liberty Mutual Insurance S, joins long-time friend and host, DWG’s CEO Nancy Goebel, for the latest episode from the Digital Workplace Impact studio. Together, they talk about why Christy is excited to take on the role of judge, her focus oninnovation and the employee experience, and the key ingredients of her successful career to date.

At global insurance specialist Liberty Mutual, Christy leads large-scale, complex digital transformation efforts. She is also recognized as one of Constellation Research’s Top 100 Leaders Transforming Employee and Customer Experience. During the discussion, Christy’s passion for ‘moving the needle’ for the businesses she works for shines through.

To hear more, and to enjoy a vibrant conversation that covers Christy’s career journey from early digital native to her role today, join us and listen to this podcast.


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Guest speakers: 

Christy Punch, Senior Product Mgr. Engineering Experience, Liberty Mutual Insurance

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