Episode 123: Forging digital ethics at ‘the speed of trust’

What happens when organizations don’t address digital ethics effectively? And how much is possible when they do?

DWG’s Director of Knowledge, Shimrit Janes, joins host Nancy Goebel in the Digital Workplace Impact studio for their final conversation on inclusivity in the digital workplace. Shimrit is the author of DWG’s recent thought-provoking three-part research series, which includes The inclusive digital workplace: 2. Forging digital ethics.

The conversation uncovers the nature of ethics and how a dedicated digital strain is now emerging –  one that’s being tested even further with the emergence of generative AI. With real-life examples from Oxfam and Comcast, the two bring to life how new ways of working can be nurtured in the digital workplace, with approaches and pace to benefit both employees and organizations.

In the ever-evolving digital workplace, there’s a point at which what’s possible with technology, what’s appropriate from a legal perspective and what’s preferable to a practitioner will intersect or conflict. It’s here that ethics and trust come into play.

Shimrit proposes that widening our conversations on choices, impacts and comfort levels can open up new opportunities, and assist those exploring emergent technologies in ways that are healthy.

So, for great insights along with practical and aspirational advice for moving at ‘the speed of trust’, take a listen today.


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Shimrit Janes, Director of Knowledge for DWG

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