Episode 122: Unlocking the power of generative AI, like ChatGPT, in the workplace

Could the potential of ChatGPT and generative AI capabilities compare with what mechanization did to spark the Industrial Revolution? If so, how can we best approach using AI as a springboard for evolution in today’s digital workplaces? 

In this episode of Digital Workplace Impact, host Nancy Goebel welcomes back Florin Rotar, Chief Technology Officer at Avanade, a leading provider of innovative digital, cloud and advisory services. In previous years, the two have collaborated on a number of projects, presenting a shared focus and unique perspectives on how digital technology is changing work and people.  

In a matter of a few short months, ChatGPT has become a catalyst for change, curiosity and creativity in workplaces everywhere. In this conversation, Florin and Nancy really get to the heart of the hype, the risks and the opportunities, and ask whether ChatGPT and emerging AI capabilities will democratize the use of artificial intelligence at large? 

So, for a human-generated view on AI, join us and listen to the conversation. Hear more about how the future might unfold, along with some great advice on how best to seize the opportunities this pivotal moment brings. 

(Show notes, links and transcript for this episode.) 

Florin Rotar, Chief Technology Officer, Avanade 

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