Why Curiosity in the Workplace is Important

In this episode of the Digital HR Leaders podcast, David is joined by Stefaan van Hooydonk, Founder of the Global Curiosity Institute and author of best-selling book The Workplace Curiosity Manifesto.  


Stefaan has conducted a breadth of research surrounding the topic of curiosity at work. He believes that curious individuals need curious environments to thrive, and that in times of economic turmoil, individuals and companies need to start embracing the power of intentional curiosity. 


The conversation will cover: 


- The background and various definitions of the concept of curiosity over time 

- The importance of curiosity in individual and business success  

- The difference in curiosity levels between small and larger organisations  

- The drivers and barriers of curiosity at work 

- How organisations can measure curiosity at work 

- How to promote a culture of curiosity, and foster a mindset of curiosity at an individual level  


The link to Stefaan’s book, The Workplace Curiosity Manifesto, can be found here: 





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