What Will the Future of HR Look Like in 2030? (Isabelle Chappuis and Gabriele Rizzo)

On the show today, I am talking to Isabelle Chappuis and Gabriele Rizzo, the authors of a fascinating new book called "HR Futures 2030. A Design For Future Ready Human Resources".

Throughout our conversation, Isabelle and Gabriele run through their 10 traits for the future of work in HR and cover some of the key disciplines that HR leaders will need to consider to be successful in 2030 and beyond.

Isabelle, Gabriele, and I also discuss:

  • What is foresight and how can techniques from the world of defence be used in HR and in business to provide a strategic advantage
  • The importance of topics such as trust, community, digital, and sustainability, to organisations of the future
  • Three of the 22 disciplines highlighted in their book. The first is called, know your employee. The second is focused on the newly blurred lines between work and life. And the third is a fascinating new area called HR hacktivism
  • Their perspective on the role of technology in supporting employee experience

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