Unlocking Organisational Resilience through a Skills-Based Approach (an interview with Susan Cantrell & Michael Griffiths) 

In this episode of the Digital HR Leaders podcast, David is joined by Deloitte’s Vice President of Products and Workforce Strategies, Susan Cantrell, and Workforce Development Practice Lead, Michael Griffiths.  


These two pioneers are leading the charge in changing the way organisations think about their workforce. They have conducted vast amounts of research on this subject, advocating for a skills-based approach that prioritises talent over position titles.  


Tune is as this conversation will cover topics surrounding: 


- Why we are seeing a shift towards a skills-based operating model 

- What this transition means for HR, People Analytics, and People Managers  

- How a focus on skills can help create an ecosystem for acquiring, developing, retaining, and mobilising talent  

- The impact this has on employees  

- The process that companies are undertaking to successfully transition towards a skills-based organisation, and the challenges that they face 

- and much more…  




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