Rethinking Leadership for the Future of Work (an Interview with Heather McGowan)

In this episode of the Digital HR Leaders Podcast, David is joined by Future of Work Strategist and esteemed co-author of the books The Adaptation Advantage and The Empathy Advantage. 


Heather McGowan is renowned for her expertise in all things related to the future of work, and this conversation promises to be a thought-provoking exploration of the shifting landscape of work and the critical role of empathetic leadership.  


Expect to learn more about:  


  • How the pandemic transformed the way we work and the four significant shifts in leadership that emerged as a result 
  • The link between empathy and performance 
  • The challenges faced by existing leaders who have been taught that an autocratic leadership style leads to success, and how they can embrace empathy as a transformative approach 
  • The evolving role of HR professionals and the areas they should focus on to drive business value in the future 
  • Practical steps individuals can take to transition and benefit from the 'empathy advantage' in their personal and professional lives 
  • The implications of technological advancements like generative AI on companies and the future of work 
  • Efficient ways of training and developing employees in a rapidly changing skills landscape 


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