Nestlé's 4B Methodology to Strategic Workforce Planning (an Interview with Alex Browne)

In this episode of the Digital HR Leaders podcast, join host David Green as he and guest Alex Browne, Head of People Analytics Innovation and Data Science at Nestlé, discuss the intricacies of reinvigorating strategic workforce planning, with a particular focus on incorporating a skills-based approach for anticipating future skills needs. 


Alex has a unique story to tell, as he and his team have experienced the ups and downs of strategic workforce planning first-hand. They’ve faced challenges, celebrated successes, and rekindled their strategic approach in ways that are both enlightening and inspiring.  


In this episode, listeners can expect to learn:  


  • The hidden challenges and complexities of strategic workforce planning 
  • Insights into the unique approach Nestlé has taken to blend centralized and decentralized methods in their strategic workforce planning 
  • Nestlé's innovative "4B methodology" for addressing workforce needs: Buy, Build, Borrow, and Bot 
  • The pivotal role of technology in the success of Nestlé's strategic workforce planning efforts 
  • How Nestlé is preparing for the rise of digital workers and automation 
  • The key skills that Alex believes will be crucial for HR and business leaders in the evolving workforce landscape 


This episode is for HR professionals, business leaders, and anyone curious about the future of work and how to revitalize strategic workforce planning in a changing world. 


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