Navigating the Talent Marketplace of the Future (Interview from Jeff Schwartz & Jeroen Wels)

In this episode of the Digital HR Leaders, David is taking a journey to the past, present and future of the talent marketplace. 


Joining him are Jeff Schwartz, VP of Insights and Impact at Gloat, and Senior Advisor of Future of Work at Deloitte; and Jeroen Wels, Founder of The People At Work Innovation Collective.  


With their combined experience and insights, this conversation will highlight thought-provoking advice on how organisations can start thinking and actioning for the future of their businesses.  


Expect to learn more about:  

- How the talent marketplace supported Unilever and other businesses during the pandemic 

- The role of the talent marketplace during economic headwinds  

- The possibilities that can arise from skills-based organisations  

- Why 2023 is an important time to be thinking about 2030  

- What HR professionals need to start doing today to prepare for the future of their business, and much more.  




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