Navigating HR Tech Triumphs & Avoiding Failures (an Interview with Hebba Youssef)

Why do so many HR tech project implementations fail?  


In this special episode of the Digital HR Leaders podcast, this is exactly what host David Green, and his guest Hebba Youssef, Chief People Officer at Workweek and founder of the popular newsletter 'I Hate It Here’, are going to unfold.  


Delving into the intricacies of HR technology implementation, uncovering the common pitfalls and identifying strategies for success, in this episode of the Digital HR Leaders podcast, listeners can expect to learn more about:  


- The root causes behind the high failure rate of HR tech projects 

- How the adoption of HR tech influences the well-being and efficiency of HR professionals 

- Strategies for successful HR tech adoption among employees  

- Securing support and funding from top management for HR tech initiatives 

- The challenges posed by fragmented data and best practices for effective data integration and management 

- The considerations HR professionals should keep in mind when integrating AI into their systems 

- Top advice on the actions HR professionals can take to ensure successful HR tech implementations  


Sponsored by HiBob, the modern HR platform for how you and your people work today, this episode promises to be a valuable source for those looking to enhance the success of HR tech implementations. 


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