How Yelp Built a Successful Remote Working Culture (An Interview with Carmen Whitney Orr)

Since transitioning to a fully remote operating model, Yelp – the well-known American review website - have benefited from some great business successes, such as reduced turnover, higher productivity and a more engaged workforce.  


How did they do it? Through their investment and commitment to delivering the best positive employee experience for their workforce.  


So to understand more about how Yelp is creating a positive employee experience within their remote working operation, in this episode, David is joined by Yelp’s very own Chief People Officer, Carmen Whitney Orr.  


Their conversation is an interesting one, so expect to learn more about: 

- Why Yelp decided to transition to a fully remote operating model 

- What it takes to create a positive employee experience in a remote working operation 

- The importance of employee listening and how Yelp are improving it 

- Carmen’s top advice for listeners looking to switch to a fully remote working operating model  

- and much more. 


So if you’re looking to learn about how to create a successful remote working business – then this is your podcast. 




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