How Uber Used Employee Listening to Develop its Return to Office Strategy (Interview with RJ Milnor)

On the show today, I am talking to RJ Milnor, Head of People Analytics at Uber, about the work he and his team have been doing around employee listening, hybrid working and productivity. Throughout our conversation, RJ, talks about the journey that Uber embarked on to use people analytics to better understand employee sentiment, during the pandemic, and how that work has shaped Uber's approach to hybrid working and employees returning to the office.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How Uber conducts employee listening and how it's approach to surveys and continuous listening has changed throughout the pandemic
  • Some of the insights that RJ’s team has gathered on employee productivity, focus time, and collaboration, while everyone has been based at home
How Uber has shared data and insights with the rest of the organisation, to help the business and employees make better decisions.
  • How people analytics greatly influenced Uber’s return to office strategy and how both the CHRO and CEO, use the insights in their communications to the rest of the company
  • RJ’s thoughts on how HR can add business value, as we start to come out of the pandemic

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