How to Turn People Data into Actionable Insights (an Interview with Caroline O’Reilly)

In this episode of the Digital HR Leaders Podcast, David is joined by Caroline O’Reilly, GM of People Analytics at Workday.  


With her experience as both an engineer and a people leader, Caroline has unique insights into the challenges organisations are facing when it comes to managing people data. And as someone who speaks to Workday's customers every day, Caroline shares her thoughts on the main challenges organisations face in today’s volatile digital world.  


This conversation will cover: 


- The issue of fragmented data and how to solve it  

- How to plan, execute and analyse data  

- How to get started with understanding your data  

- How to create a more data-driven culture 

- Moving the dial of diversity, equity and inclusion  

- The importance of moving from getting employee listening data to making decisions fast  


The discussion also touches on employee listening, skills-based organisations, and the role of people analytics in creating more certainty for businesses in uncertain times. 


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