How to Prepare Your HR Data for EU CSRD Reporting (an Interview with Yves Van Durme)

In this episode of the Digital HR Leaders podcast, David Green is joined by Yves Van Durme, a thought leader at the forefront of HR innovation.  


Yves is a recognised authority in the field, and in this episode, he offers profound insights into the ramifications of the recent EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) regulation, which mandates that organisations in the EU report their impact on the environment, society and workforce by 2025. 


During the conversation, you can expect to learn more about: 


  • The pivotal implications of the EU CSRD regulation for HR and organisational reporting 
  • The readiness of HR functions to comply with the data requirements of the CSRD 
  • Key metrics and actionable steps for HR to initiate their data-driven journey 
  • Leveraging workforce data to create value across various levels of the organisation 
  • The strategic role of HR and People Analytics in harnessing data insights 
  • The shift towards a unified workforce perspective prompted by the CSRD 
  • Strategies for empowering HR Business Partners in embracing data-driven roles 


If your business operates in the EU, this episode is a must-listen to the alignment of your HR practices with the EU CSRD regulation. 


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