How to Democratise Strategic Workforce Planning (an Interview with Alicia Roach & Chris Hare)

In this episode of the Digital HR Leaders Podcast, David Green is joined by the sponsors on this series to discuss the importance of democratising strategic workforce planning (SWP) insights.  


Joining him are strategic workforce planning experts, and Co-Founders of the revolutionary SWP AI platform, eQ8, Alicia Roach and Chris Hare. They have been at the forefront of driving innovation and excellence in SWP, making them the perfect guides to navigate the complex terrain of strategic workforce planning and the strategies needed to democratise it. 


In this episode, you can expect learn more about: 

  • The latest developments in the dynamic HR tech landscape and their implications for SWP 
  • eQ8's innovative new product designed to democratise SWP insights and the motivations behind its creation  
  • The concept of "upstream thinking" and its crucial role in SWP 
  • The potential pitfalls organisations face when they don't embrace democratisation 
  • The holistic approach HR and people analytics leaders should adopt to effectively democratise SWP  
  • Strategies for communicating the urgency and benefits of SWP to leadership teams 
  • The future of democratised SWP and skills-based planning, along with advice for staying ahead in this evolving field 
  • Tips for staying adaptable and responsive to emerging HR tech trends without becoming overwhelmed 


Don't miss this opportunity to gain exclusive insights that will propel your employee experience to new heights. This episode was brought to you in partnership with eQ8, a strategic workforce management tool. Explore eQ8's cutting-edge solutions at  


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