How to Democratise Data for People Manager Effectiveness (an Interview with Lexy Martin)

In this episode, host David Green is joined by Lexy Martin, a pioneering figure in the People Analytics field. With over five decades of experience at the intersection of technology and HR, Lexy has been a driving force in advocating for the integration of data and analytics into HR practices. 


Together, David and Lexy explore the dynamic insights from Lexy’s research at Visier on the significance of democratising data and insights for people managers. 


During the conversation, you can expect to explore: 


  • The remarkable journey of Lexy’s successful career 
  • An exploration of the power of democratising data and insights for people managers, unveiling key findings from Lexy's recent research at Visier 
  • The symbiotic relationship between data-driven practices and fostering diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) within organisations 
  • The visionary perspective on the future of people analytics, and how organisations can stay ahead of the curve 
  • Concrete strategies to cultivate a data-driven and digitally literate HR culture within organizations 



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Link to Visier’s groundbreaking research ‘Unlocking Manager Effectiveness: The Next Driver of Value:   


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