How to Create Personalised Employee Experiences (an Interview with Piyush Mehta)

As HR and People Analytics Leaders, we know that personalised employee experiences have a profound impact on organisational success. It’s the secret ingredient that unlocks the unique needs, aspirations, and journeys of your workforce – enhancing employee engagement, loyalty and productivity. So in the latest episode of the Digital HR Leaders Podcast, we're diving deep into how Genpact, the global professional powerhouse organisation, are achieving just that.  


Joining David Green on this quest, is Piyush Mehta, the Chief Human Resources Officer at Genpact, to unravel the strategies and innovations that have shaped and personalised the employee experiences across Genpact’s vast global footprint.  


In this episode, topics covered include: 


  • The transformative power of personalised employee experiences in achieving organisational success 
  • Insights into Genpact's innovative strategies for tailoring employee journeys 
  • The role of data-driven tools and technology in shaping employee experiences 
  • The impact of HR on business growth and client satisfaction 
  • The potential of generative AI in HR and its real-world applications 
  • Inspiring ideas on how HR can shape the future of work and the world 


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