How to Adopt a Skills-Led Approach to Talent and Enable your ESG Initiatives (an interview with Matthew Yerbury & Nick Biller)

It’s the last episode before the festive break, so we have something extra special to fill your Christmas stocking. 


In this episode of the Digital HR Leaders podcast, David is joined by Matthew Yerbury, Workforce Analytics and Digital Practice Lead at KPMG, and Nick Biller, Head of Data Science at HSBC. 


With over 30 years’ experience combined working in the people analytics industry, this conversation is going to cover everything you need to know about adopting a skills-led approach to talent. It’s an approach that not only drives value for the business and the workforce but supports your ESG initiatives too.  


The conversation will also cover: 


- How a focus on skills can help build meritocracy within an organisation  

- Keeping on top of the ever-evolving workforce skills requirements  

- Creating strategic skills insights through operational data 

- How to tackle the challenges that come with skills at different maturity levels of the journey 

- and much more. 


Enjoy and Merry Christmas! 


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