How to Achieve Data-Driven HR Excellence in a Highly Regulated Environment (an Interview with Wendy Cunningham and Peter Meyler)

Join host David Green on the Digital HR Leaders podcast, as he speaks to two distinguished guests from the UK's largest long-term savings and retirement business, Phoenix Group: Chief Operating Officer for HR, Wendy Cunningham, and Head of People Data, Analytics & Insights, Peter Meyler.  


In this episode, learn more about: 


  • How the Phoenix Group navigates the challenges of a highly regulated environment 
  • How technology has played a pivotal role in consolidating data from multiple sources, revolutionising the HR function at the Phoenix Group 
  • Insights into the Phoenix Group's unique approach to measuring the effectiveness of their people strategy and how they adapt it as the company continues to evolve  
  • The evolution of the Phoenix Group's people analytics team and how it has grown alongside the organisation's commitment to data-driven decision-making  
  • A glimpse into the future, as Wendy and Peter share their vision and discuss the steps they're considering to elevate their analytics capabilities to the next level.  


Don't miss this engaging conversation that promises practical advice for HR and people analytics professionals at all stages of their journey. 


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