How People Analytics Shapes Decision-Making in Modern HR (an Interview with Nick Dalton)

In this episode of the Digital HR Leaders podcast, join host David Green and guest Nick Dalton, previous EVP of HR at Unilever and co-author of the groundbreaking book 'The HR (R)Evolution: Change the Workplace, Change the World', as they navigate the historical landscape of Human Resources.  


Dissecting its evolution over the decades and envisioning its trajectory into the future, David and Nick bring forth insights and reflections, offering listeners a unique perspective on the past, present and future of this dynamic and ever-evolving field.  


As they peel back the layers of HR’s transformation, expect to learn more about:  


  • The seven waves of HR and how they have shaped the HR landscape over time 
  • The role of people data in HR's evolution and its impact on decision-making 
  • Navigating the paradox wave in HR, especially in the context of rapid technological advancements and global uncertainties 
  • The characteristics of a paradox HR leader and the scarcity of such leaders in the current landscape 
  • How HR can play a pivotal role in steering organisations towards the 'Planet' wave, especially in light of pressing global climate concerns 
  • Anticipated changes in HR titles and roles as it continues to adapt to data-driven decision-making and paradoxical leadership, helping to shape the workplace and the world 


Tune in for a captivating and informative exploration of HR's evolution, its potential for transformative leadership, and its critical role in shaping the future of work and the world. 


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