How Johnson & Johnson are Scaling Their Skills-Based Approach to Talent (an Interview with Christina Norris-Watts, Ph.D & Doug Shagam)

In this episode of the Digital HR Leaders Podcast, David is joined by Christina Norris-Watts, Ph.D, Head of Assessment and People Practice, along with Doug Shagam, Head of People Data and Insights, from Johnson & Johnson. 


Doug and Christina have been making waves in creating a skills-based approach to talent management at J&J, and today they are going to walk us through their journey, and share some of the practicalities that aided their success.  


This conversation will cover: 

- The reasoning behind J&J’s transition towards a skills-based organisation  

- The different methods approached at the start of their journey 

- The details of their pilot, and what they learnt from that  

- How they are scaling the deployment of skills across the organisation  

- How they are getting buy-in from all stakeholders  

- The role of people analytics in building a skills-based organisation, and the skills HR need to obtain and develop to make this a success.  


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