How HR Drives Strategic Growth in the FMCG Industry

In this episode of the Digital HR Leaders podcast, David is joined by Paulette Alviti, Chief People Officer of the global snacking company, Mondelēz International.  


Paulette has a wealth of strategic HR experience, helping organisations such as Foot Locker and Pepsi Co drive business results through the lens of culture and talent.  


With Mondelēz’s ambitious growth strategy, Vision 2030, Paulette is currently shaping the HR function’s operating model to align with the organisation’s business goals. And in this episode, David and Paulette explore what the role of the HR function is in driving this growth.  


The conversation will also cover: 


- How the Chief People Officer role and business operating model has evolved over the years 

- How to create a culture of equity in organisations where there are employees who work in hybrid models, and employees who have to work on site  

- Mondelēz’s virtual reality onboarding platform to drive the early stages of employee experience  

- The emerging skills required from HR professionals in the modern world 




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