How Amazon Scales People Analytics Through Experimentation and Productisation (an Interview with Ian O’Keefe)

In this episode of the Digital HR Leaders podcast, David is joined by Ian O’Keefe, Head of Analytics at Amazon. 


With an impressive background working at renowned companies like Google and JP Morgan, Ian brings his wealth of experience to the table as he shares his insights on the evolution of people analytics teams and the critical role of a product mindset. 


Key topics covered in this episode include:  


  • Reflections on the evolution of the people analytics discipline over the years  
  • Different types of operating models observed in various organisations, including Amazon's federated model 
  • The role and importance of experimentation in people analytics and HR, and the significance of a product mindset in scaling people analytics 
  • Skills and capabilities required for successful productisation of people analytics 
  • Practical tips and learnings for HR leaders looking to embrace experimentation and productisation 
  • Predictions on the future of the people analytics field and the potential role of generative AI 


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