’s 360-Degree View of Employee Experience (an Interview with Paulo Pisano)

In this episode of Digital HR Leaders, David Green is joined by Paulo Pisano, Chief People Officer at, to discuss how are using people analytics to drive strategic decisions in managing a global, hybrid workforce. 


The conversation offers insights into how leverages data to enhance employee experience, streamline talent management across its international operations, and ensure that its workforce strategies are both effective and adaptable in a constantly changing business environment. 


During this episode, expect to learn more about:  


- How utilises people analytics to inform its talent strategies across more than 200 countries 

- The role of data in creating and sustaining a strong company culture, particularly in the context of remote and geographically diverse teams 

- How uses analytics to promote a 360-degree view of employee experience 

- The ways in which tailors its employee listening initiatives 

- How a skills-based approach to workforce planning shapes the company’s talent management strategies, especially in the face of evolving market demands 

- The use of people analytics during the travel downturn caused by the pandemic 

- Paulo’s advice to future HR leaders on the importance of integrating data analytics into HR strategies for better decision-making and strategy formulation 


Sponsored by HiBob, the modern HR platform for how you and your people work today, this episode promises to be a valuable source for those looking to enhance their employee experience and talent management strategies through the lens of people analytics.  


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