How to Enable and Measure Culture Transformation (Interview with Dr. Jaclyn Lee)

This week’s podcast guest is Dr. Jaclyn Lee, Chief Human Resources Officer at the Singapore University of Technology and Design, who is talking about the role of data and analytics in the culture transformation program at the university. While technology plays a big part in culture transformation at the university, Jaclyn remained ever cognisant of the people at the heart of the transformation and ensuring that their diverse values were understood and respected.

Throughout this episode Jaclyn and I discuss:

  • How to attract a diverse pool of international talent to a brand new university
  • Bridging the practitioner, academia divide to develop a tool to measure culture transformation
  • Establishing a data-driven workforce planning process at the university and overcoming initial resistance by establishing a task force
  • Up-skilling HR professionals to become more digitally literate and analytically capable

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