Growing a Garden Centre an interview with Pauline Brown

In this edition of Dig It, Chris Day chats with Pauline Brown, Partner at Buckingham Garden Centre and Nurseries, to discover more about the history and evolution of the business looking at the changes in the way we garden, the development of the site over five decades and how trends have impacted on the business from sustainability to new plants. We also chat to Pauline about her own passion for plants and gardening for wildlife, growing food for the kitchen, the art of composting and the importance of gardening for the future.

To see how Buckingham Garden Centre has developed over 50 years check out this photo gallery

Core gardening is key – garden tools, fertilisers, compost bins, water butts, solar lights with timers, and seeds. Over recent years Buckingham Garden Centre has become a destination garden centre together with hugely popular The Gardeners’ Retreat Restaurant.

Plant mentions: Apples (including the variety ‘Ashmead’s Kernel’), Amelanchier, Cordylines, Hedging, Helianthemums, Phormium, Potatoes, Ornamental trees, Sedum, Lettuce, Chard, Pea ‘Alderman’. Look for disease resistance in the new varieties if you can.

Sustainability on the site water conservation (reservoir), solar panels, recycling (include taupe plant pots and trays), FSC certified timber, peat-free composts and in the restaurant waste coffee grounds are collected, sent for recycling to be turned into coffee logs.

Seeds from Garden Organic’s Seed Heritage Library

The RHS Plant Finder Book 2022 and online

The RHS Award of Garden Merit (AGM).

RHS Plants For Pollinators logo on labels.

Helping wildlife: Products such as hedgehog houses, bird feeders and bug hotels.

Learning about gardening by talking to family and friends, visit your local library, tap into staff knowledge when visiting the Garden Centre and books such as the RHS Dictionary of Gardening provide invaluable reference information.

The Mid Shires Orchard Group Promoting older regional apple varieties and establishing community orchards

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