Destination Everywhere

by Andy McNeill & Todd Bludworth

Come along for travel adventures of a lifetime, as we join hospitality and travel entrepreneurs Andy McNeill and Todd Bludworth in search of the world’s best meeting and travel destinations. They’re checking-in with celebrities in the know, hospitality experts and native connoisseurs to discover inspirational venues and things to do. Explore the world’s most unique and desirable hotels, exotic foods with top chefs, and must-do experiences along the way. Andy and Todd go back to their favorite travel destinations and explore new places, while bringing you along.

Andy and Todd are the founders of American Meetings, Inc. (AMI), a global meetings management and destination sourcing firm that has led them to event production in over one hundred countries.

Andy McNeill, AMI’s CEO and Founder, has over 30 years of experience in the global meeting management and hospitality services, making him a thought leader in the hospitality and meetings industry. Born and raised in South Florida, Andy began his love of travel by experiencing the Bahamas and other Caribbean islands as a child with his family who were avid boaters. Seeing different cultures lit the passion of travel. When he started AMI, the company compelled him to travel extensively, exposing him to the best hotels and locales in the world. He is a true veteran of the hospitality and meetings industry, and contributes to a weekly blog series on the topic of professional meeting management. Bringing a wealth of event management knowledge to the AMI team, Andy firmly believes in the strategic meeting management model, and provides the practice as a consulting service to Fortune 500 clients.

Sharing the mic with Andy is his business and life partner Todd Bludworth. As an Army brat, Todd has lived abroad his entire childhood, including Germany, Florida, Hawaii and Kansas, before his family settled down in the Washington, D.C. area. His father traveled the world as Army Liaison for the US Senate, and always brought exciting gifts home to the family. This fascinated Todd, and his desire to see the world never waned. In Todd’s early career, he managed a political campaign, then later became a Special Events Manager in South Florida for an Anheuser-Busch distributor. He spent seven years working on some of the state’s largest and most successful sporting and social events, before he started traveling the world to produce meetings and events on almost every continent. In 2005, Todd joined AMI as Chief Marketing Officer then became a Principal owner in 2006.

Whether you’re seeking a corporate meeting venue, or simply have a passion for unique travel experiences, hear from Andy, Todd and their special guests: Business experts, historians, hotel general managers and famous chefs from the region… all know their way around the greatest places to stay, the best activities, and the top restaurants to provide the best overall meeting or destination travel experience. So come along to the best places to stay and the most amazing adventures to do through The Destination Everywhere Podcast.

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