0206 - Working in Code with Anna Browne (née Brady)

Hi, I'm Allen Higgins, you're listening to Design Talk.

I am delighted to have Anna Browne (née Brady) as my guest today, to talk about and reflect upon her career in code.

·       To start, Anna, can you share some of the key milestones in your career thus far? (Influenced at UCD by Dr Joe Morris in his Program Construction class; he made us write code, on paper, it made us appreciate the value of simplicity, the value of thinking things through.)

·       What for you, is the essence of design?

o   Can you share your reflections on the design process?

o   Is design ultimately a process of working alone on your own ideas. 

o   Talk about the difference between design as an individual and design in a team...

·       How, if at all, has the changing technology environment changed the way you perform design?

o   What do you insist on having in the physical work environment?

o   How do you get people to share design knowledge? To attain/agree on shared understandings and design vision?

·       As an educator yourself, what motivates you to advocate for maths and technology skills in students?

o   What tips can you share from your experience of teaching maths and practical IT for adult learners? Ways of engaging them, making it real, that overcome blocks.

·       And any final thoughts you'd like to share before we wrap up?

Well, we’ll wrap up there.

Thank you for sharing your ideas with us today.



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