0178 - The real role of a Software Architect with Jeevantika Lingalwar

Hosts: Luca Spigai and Wenhao Liao.

We are very pleased to welcome Jeevantika Lingalwar, Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft.

First, could you say a few words about yourself to begin?

1.     What does the CSA (Cloud Solution Architect) in Microsoft entail?

2.     Can you talk about what you need to be good at to be a software architecture?

3.     What does a typical working week look like?

4.     How do you keep tabs on the various projects and individuals working on software systems?

5.     How do you like to see architecture represented? Are there different approaches for high/mid/low level or can the same approach work at all levels?

6.     Sadly, no one enjoys reading technical documentation. Can you share some ideas on helping teams create, share, and maintain design knowledge?

7.     Do you have any final words or advice for the audience?

Well, we’ll wrap up there.

Thank you for talking with us and sharing your thoughts today.


Jeevantika on LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeevantika-lingalwar/




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