0205 - Talking Design with Liam Bannon

In conversation with Liam Bannon, Professor Emeritus, and founder of the Interaction Design Centre at the University of Limerick.

In this episode we talk about Mick Cooley and his legacy. Mike Cooley, from Tuam, Co. Galway, an engineer, academic, trade unionist, socialist, an activist and change agent. As a commentator on labour issues Mike was once a familiar voice in the Irish media, sought for his views on contemporary workplace and labour issues. 

Mike Cooley – author or Architect or Bee, a manifesto for designing for human use, was an engineer at Lucas aerospace. Throughout his career he sought ways to improve the work we do, to empower workers, to work better, to augment human ability and skills. For Cooley, real workplace transformation occurs as a kind of partnership between designer and worker, rather than by instrumental substitution of human roles by software, robots, or technologies. An organisation’s goal instead should be to augment human ability by improving the technologies we employ, and authentic innovation arises as a consequence of human-centered, collaborative and collective design processes.



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