0196 - Talking about Process Data with Cormac Garvey

Hosts: Anugrah Gupta and Sindhusuta Mohanty

We are very pleased to have Cormac Garvey with us today. 

Cormac’s career spans factory automation, control systems, systems architecture, software prototyping and information modelling.

·       Cormac, before we start, can you introduce us to your world. 

·       You’ve described yourself as working at the plumbing end of data analytics. Can you explain what that means?

·       Who uses the data and what do they use it for? 

·       Having worked with and mastered a wide range of software tools over your career, what go-to approaches are in your consulting toolbox?

·       Can you give us a sketch of your approach to requirements capture?

·       How do you approach conceptual design? Both as an individual consultant and as a member of a team?

·       And translating a conceptual design into the full project?

·       What for you, is the essence of design?

Well, we’ll wrap up there.

Thank you for sharing your ideas with us today.


Cormac’s profile:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/cormac-garvey-9a34503/

Cormac’s start-up is HAL Software – a standards-based software design tool for process control and MES environments (manufacturing execution systems). 

Watch the 2 minute HAL overview video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7A1cEYaqr-k

Cormac is a member of and/or participates in:

·       The OPCUA REST subgroup

·       The Open Process Automation Forum

·       And the “biophorum”

The OPC Foundation (Open Platform Communications), an industry consortium that develops standards for connectivity of industrial automation devices and systems.

OPC UA (Unified Architecture) is a cross-platform, open-source standard for data exchange from sensors to cloud applications developed by the OPC Foundation. 

IEC 62541 is the international standard describing the OPC UA information model.

ISA-88, S88, aka ANSI/ISA88, is a standard addressing batch process control.

ISA-95 aka Enterprise-Control System Integration. An automation workflow standard.



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