0209 - Prompts for Change with Suzanne Brennan

Hosts: Joe and Adam 

We are delighted to have Suzanne Brennan with us today. Suzanne works as Innovation Lead at InsTech.ie.

  • To start, Suzanne, can you tell us a little about yourself and about InsTech?
  • Can you give us a sketch of the Insurance sector in Ireland (local market, global market, retail/commercial, insurance/reinsurance).
  • Talk about challenges to the insurance industry from an innovation perspective?
  • And how is the industry responding to disruptive technologies?
  • You recently launched a report focusing on the future of insurance in Ireland.
  • What was the motivation behind the project?  
  • Can you talk us through the research design, the methodology?
  • Why did you start with insights and interviews rather than the traditional survey and questionnaire?
  • How are useful are surveys and questionnaires?
  • What worked well and what would you change if you had to do it again? 
  • So, the report is aimed at capability building in the industry. How do you imagine a member organisation will act on the findings?
  • How can Design Thinking be used to enact and enable organisational change and transformation?
  • How important is diversity in the creative process?  Is that something you pay particular attention to? 
  • The role of leadership – the old model of leadership is defunct to some extent, in that for the process of innovation it is not necessarily assumed that the leader has all the ideas / answers.  However, is there a role for a leader within the team and, if so, what is it?
  • Psychological safety is really important if the creative process is a team effort.  It requires the team to listen and withhold immediate judgement so that ideas are aired and properly considered.  How do you facilitate this process?
  • Creativity and motivation are somewhat interlinked – the creative ability coupled with the desire and motivation to create something useful, beautiful, or different. How do you identify creative people and how do you support the creative process?
  • Any questions from the audience?


Well, we’ll wrap up there. Thank you for talking with us today and sharing your knowledge and expertise.




InsTech.ie website: https://www.instech.ie

Insurance Innovation Capability Report 2023 - https://www.instech.ie/insurance-innovation-capability-report-2023





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