0156 - Managing Distributed Teams with Ciaran Treanor

We are joined today by Ciaran Treanor, CTO of Sonalake, a software engineering and services company with offices in Ireland, Poland, and Slovakia.

Welcome to the podcast Ciaran, can you tell us a little about yourself to start?

1.Can you talk about the challenges of managing distributed teams, for sharing knowledge in a mixed/remote environment?

2.What does your ideal client organisation look like? [what capabilities would you recommend clients keep in-house]

3.As a services supplier what is your own sourcing strategy? [In-sourcing, offshoring, remote workers…]

4.Has Agile finally solved the project lifecycle problem or is there always “crunch” at the end?

5.Are you seeing a demand for “Design Thinking” from clients and partners? Is it a fad or a paradigm shift?

6.How do you approach innovation opportunities or developing new lines of business?

7.How do you look to maintain a healthy culture with remote locations?

8.Can you outline for our audience some areas of innovation, Products or Development that you have delivered on in the past few years?

Thank you for taking the time to talk and for sharing your thoughts and experiences with us today.


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